5 Must have WordPress plugins for bloggers

5 Must have Wordpress plugins for bloggers

What are you thinking, blogging is as simple as it sees? Wrong! Instead, blogging consists of lots of things called plugins. Today, we are going to describe 5 must have WordPress plugins for bloggers.

Plugins are such a type of item that makes blogging easy and helps to improve SEO. Security, SEO, contact with the audiences, backup files, for instance, tons of activities you need to do running your blog. Plugins lessen your work-load by taking all the functional changes.

But, how? Let’s see:


5 Must have WordPress plugins for bloggers


Updraft plus

Running a WordPress blog also claims some safety features, for instance, backup, clone, store to a remote and safe location, etc. In this relation, Updraftplus is the topmost popular WordPress plugin in the industry.


Core Features
  • Easy to use– It’s as easy to use as it takes just a single click.
  • All-inclusive– It meets all the backup related functions you need. 
  • Freemium– Both free and premium are available.
  • Trusted– It is known as the most trusted safety plugin in the market.

Added Value

  • Backup- Ensure all back for your WordPress database.
  • Restore- Make a return directly from your WordPress cPanel.
  • Schedule- You can set up a backup schedule as your comfort zone, hourly, weekly, or monthly.

Wordfence Security

  • Yet, there are also some other alternative similar functional plugins in the market, but not like Wordfence Security. Unlike others, it is the most trusted and user-friendly that enabled you to be worry-free about your site for further safety.
Core Features
  • Endpoint Firewall– It ensures the deed point protection for your blog.
  • Security Scanner– It scans all the core files, plugins, and themes for safety reasons. 
  • Thread Defence Arms– This works more preciously to keep your website safe from attack.
  • Trusted– It is known as the most trusted security plugin in the industry.
Added Value
  • Two-Factor Authentication- Ensure tight protection from visceral force attacks permanently.  
  • Live-Traffic- Monitor the visitors as well as the attackers with their IP and timing.
  • Leaked Password Protection- Block login while password leaked.

Contact form 7

Not much to say about it, but Contact form 7 such a popular item that you need when running a blog successfully. Contact form 7 is a very popular and inseparable plugin of WordPress for go-to contact with visitors.

Core Features
  • Spam Blocker– Contact form 7 effectively blocks spams.
  • Easy to use– It’s very user-friendly.
  • Wide Supporting– It easily matches with CAPTCHA, Akismet for spam filtering.
  • Trusted– It is known as the most trusted contact form plugin in the market.
Added Value
  • Manage Multiple Contact- Contact form 7 able to control numerous contacts for your site.
  • Customization- It will help you to customize the contact and mail-text.
  • Simplicity- It makes your site simple to use for you.

Social Snap

Blogging without social bookmarking- just unimaginable! Social Snap, unlike other social bookmarking tools, makes you one step ahead to do it by all the means.

Core Features
  • URL Shortening– Enables you automatically URL shortening via Bitly.
  • Responsive– It fits with any device you like to, desktop, mobile, etc.
  • Easy to use– It’s as easy to use just take a few minutes.
Added Value
  • Analytics- Analyze how your social sharing working.
  • Device-Wise share button– It enables you to use a different share button for the different devices.  
  • Self-Promotion– It emphasis top-performing content to the visitors to share it more.  

Rank Math

Blogging with exact SEO makes Google ranking higher and that is the way to reach your audience frequently to grab their attention. Rank Math is the topmost SEO plugin in the industry, unquestionably.  

Core Features
  • Simple To use– It is as simple as you need not be an expert.
  • Keywords Suggestion– It will suggest more keywords related to your main one.
  • Freemium– Both free and premium versions are available.
  • Popular– It is one of the most popular SEO plugins in the market.
Added Value
  • Image SEO- It’s automated image SEO feature don’t let you down while ranking-matter.
  • Wide-Range SEO Analysis-40 SEO analyzing factors distinguished it clearly from others.
  • Easy To Divert- You can divert from Yoast with just one click without losing any previous settings.

Above all the plugins we have described shortly are known as must have WordPress plugins for bloggers. Now, your job is to use it for the best ROI.

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