How to Choose a Domain Name for a Personal Website: 21 Vital Tips


How to choose a domain name for a personal website– this is an important question to the beginners. We have not got into the matter at depth yet. Picking up the unique domain title for your website is much troublesome. Sometimes finding a domain name requires hours and in some cases, incorrect choice may collapse the whole website. So, every website owner wants to get a functioning and touchy domain name for their website first of all before starting their business venture whatever it may be.

Below there are 21 vital tips for choosing and registering a domain name:

  1. Each time select for the .com: We should always go for the .com domain although it is costly. It is for the reason that people are more accustomed to it and .com TLD is appropriated by 47% of all websites. For example
  2. Research with local TLDs (Top-Level Domains) if necessary. Think of researching with non-traditional TLDs: Choose your TLD creatively. It specializes in your brand and domain name. Get domain extensions. 
  3. Ponder over purchasing the other main TLDs: Possess other popular TLDs, and then fix them to forward to your main TLD.
  4. Select a brand name: Select a catchy name that is easily utterable and easy to memorize. The brand creates value over time. So a branded name for your domain is much essential.
  5. Preserve the domain name small, humble, and probable.
  6. Purchase the public wrong spelling of your domain title and forward them to your main domain name.
  7. Apply a dictionary for domain name notions: Take help from a dictionary or thesaurus for the domain name idea. But slightly change it to make it unique.
  8. Make use of some domain name generators: Take the help of some domain name generator tools, like- Name cheap, Shopify, Instant domain search, etc.
  9. Select a domain name you can legally possess.
  10. Don’t panic if your desired domain name is booked- communicate with the owner to get it back.
  11. Don’t panic if your perfect domain name is booked and can’t be acquired.
  12. Remain cautious while purchasing current domain names.
  13. Inspect the domain record through Wayback Machine.
  14. Inspect the domain record through
  15. Catalog your conforming social media handles: Set your professional profiles to social media sites. 
  16. Select a reliable domain registrar: Choose a reliable domain registrar like-NameCheap,, etc.
  17. Go to different domain hosting agencies to compare the prizes and to get the best and reasonable price: Go around different domain hosting agencies to compare their prices. Not all the prices of all domain hosting providers are the same. 
  18. Latch the domain in case it gets pilfered: Domains are often stolen. So, while buying a domain retain it in Registrar-lock status, which forestalls unapproved endeavors at domain handovers.
  19. Register your domain name each time on yourself.
  20. Think of facilitating domain ID protection.
  21. Fix your domain to auto-renewal: When you register a domain, it is registered for a period, e.g. 12 or 24 months. After that period it requires to be renewed. If not it will get inactive. So, while registering your domain check the auto-renew option.

A perfect domain name can create a good and enduring impact. While an inappropriate one can drive traffic away. So, it is of utmost importance that you choose the right and perfect domain name for your website. Are you still doubtful about how to choose a domain name for your website? Feel free to contact us. Do you have any other suggestions regarding how to choose a domain name for a personal website? Please share your thoughts here with us. 

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